Wednesday 22 August 2012

Sketches by Keaton Henson, whose beautiful music I've posted about before; including his heartbreaking puppetry video for 'Small Hands' and the stunning one-shot music video for 'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are'. (More of his sketches on his sketchblog) I love the interactive element of his website, definitely go on and have a look around in the different sections for some lovely hand-drawn sections and a glimpse into his notebook. I'm a sucker for notebooks & doodles and I love to get a look into artists' sketchbooks. I've recently started using my sketchbooks again after a break during my first year of university studying English, using all the leaflets and ephemera I've collected after a year in London, much like I did for my project sketchbook about our trip to Berlin during my Foundation year in Art, to make my patterns as my final outcome. I forgot how much I loved documenting everything! I've decided to go against my usual separate-everything-organise-to-death and just use one sketchbook for everything, rather than buying four and dedicating each to a different process or technique. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I have a problem with the whole separate-everything-organise-to-death thing as well but I think a sketchbook with everything in it sounds really cool! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've just been looking through your shop and your jewellery is beautiful! I've bookmarked it! x

    1. I'm giving it a go, we'll see how long it lasts! Thank you very much, I'm still trying to get it off the ground but I'm enjoying it :) x