Thursday 2 August 2012

Snapshots of images from the first two posts - credit on the CreateVoice blog

At the beginning of this year, I joined CreateVoice at the V&A. I've had an absolute blast and met some really lovely people (Jazmine, Aneeka, Novuyo, Jess, Amaris, & everyone else too!); it's safe to say I'm loving it! We've just started up a blog for our own content that is going to be updated far more regularly than our own section on the Victoria and Albert Museum website!

CreateVoice are the youth collective for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and we work in collaboration with the museum to produce events, workshops and much more. On the blog we're posting all sorts of content - art and design related events, upcoming events at the museum, our own articles, new exhibitions, photography, favourite parts of the museum and even interviews. We don't only post about the V&A; we're also going to be including content relating to art and design in other places too. The first full post is a short piece I've written about the Olympic Cauldron, which was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. The V&A currently has an amazing exhibition on the work of his studios. Visit the blog for more!


  1. absolutely breathtaking, what a thing to be part of! can't wait to see more x

    1. Yes, it's pretty exciting! Hopefully there'll be more very soon! Looking forward to seeing your blog back too xx