Friday 17 August 2012

Whilst browsing in the local WH Smiths, I came across the latest issue of i-D magazine, and was drawn straight to the photo story for the cover, shot by Sølve Sundsbø and fashion directed by Charlotte Stockdale. I didn't have enough money to actually buy the magazine, so I had a jealous flip through and put it back. I'm hoping the images will get online some time soon, so I can have them saved. I loved the take on colour - reminiscent of the Indian Festival of colour (which I posted a film about here) with the models covered in powder paint. Looking online, I was thrilled to see that Sundsbø was known for his lack of a 'signature style' - his variety of styles has become his signature style. I have a huge problem with sticking to a 'style' because there are so many inspiring things out there, and I don't like to limit myself to one particular medium or look. His biography notes that 'his capacity for visual experimentation has brought him enduring respect within the industry'. I'm only occasionally a colour fan - I prefer sleek, minimal monochrome - but the shots in this editorial were actually very compelling for me, using clever lighting and movement to make the colour edgier and less teeth-gnashingly bright (you can tell I'm not buying into any trend involving neon). Sundsbø also makes incredibly beautiful videos, such as the 'behind the scenes' one above, and others like 'The Everchanging Face of Beauty' and 'Parrots'. Now I just have to save up some change and get the actual magazine.

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