Saturday 28 April 2012

I was sent a link to this a few days ago and couldn't help but post it. It's the trailer for a documentary film called 'Planet of Snail', directed by Seungjun Yi, about a couple exploring the world together from a somewhat unique perspective. Young-Chan is blind and deaf, and his wife Soon-Ho has a spinal disability that limits her everyday life - they live in a world with a very different pace and viewpoint to many people on this planet. The importance of touch is completely obvious: feeling the rain on skin, or smelling pine trees, or feeling their bark - all of these things are important, and, magical for Young-Chan. The documentary focuses on the couple's need to learn to live independently from each other, as they cannot guarantee that Soon-Ho can always be there to take care of Young-Chan. The film has already won an award for best feature length documentary at the IDFA awards, and is showing at Tribeca Film Festival this year. I can't wait til I can see the whole thing.

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