Tuesday 24 April 2012

I recently signed up to the Craft it Forward 2012 project, and on my trip home today to see the homeopath I found this beautiful little package in the pile of mail waiting for me, sent by Flaurette all the way from France (you can see what she recieved when she got involved here).

I absolutely love it. I haven't received a letter in the post (apart from bank ones, which are disheartening and boring) for many years, and it was so exciting to see my name in Flaurette's beautiful script on the envelope. Inside was no different! I think my favourite parts are the little bookmark (fifth image), the little card with typography (sixth image) and all the handmade and printed papers, with tiny little neon fastenings. Something I'm going to treasure forever!

Now to 'craft it forward'!

The first five people to contact me on this post will all get a little handmade parcel from me!

Then, whoever receives my parcel has to photograph it and tweet or blog it, and sends something to the first five people who contacted them, and so on.


  1. cool, I am in!!!! sounds like a great project. and Flaurette's little package is lovely!!!

  2. hi laura (what a great name! hahaha) thanks for stopping by at my blog! i'm taking your advice to either replying comments via email or dropping a comment back at others' blogs so here i am :) such a nice letter you received from flaurette! would love to join your craft it forward however i might not have time to do it these days :\ have fun with the project!

  3. Ooh this sounds like so much fun! Count me in! Louise xo

  4. this is beyond such a beautiful concept!
    and the first I've heard of it which makes me sad!
    really sweet thing you're doing here dear, loveee the blog xx

  5. Craft it Forward 2012 sounds intriguing, and snail mail is a delight to receive when it is like this (and not bills in DL envelopes, bank statements, and rejected art applications for funding...). Enjoy those papery delights.

  6. That's such a lovely idea, there's nothing like receiving pretty parcels in the mail.