Tuesday 10 April 2012

Recently I went to my first meeting for the Victoria and Albert museum's youth forum, CreateVoice. I found out about it through the lovely Jazmine and decided that it sounded just like my sort of thing. After the meeting we had a photography talk and quick workshop with portrait photographer Eddie Otchere. I loved that he included stuff about his development process (he works nearly exclusively with film photography) and how he first got into photography, through the world of hip-hop in the nineties. We had a quick practice on my camera, as I was the only one with an SLR, using a stand-alone flash and soft box to photograph each other.

My friend Ainsley came with me and had the honour (though I don't think she felt that way at the time!) of being the first in front of the camera. My favourite photograph from the session is above - most definitely a natural in front of the camera! My input in front of the camera was standing awkwardly and looking uncomfortable, and poor Ainsley having to try and reach my lanky face, hence why the photos of me are not on here. Having a soft box definitely makes a difference to shooting indoors - the portrait isn't at all edited, and came out really well. Now I just need to buy a new camera, a flash and a soft box.

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