Wednesday 7 March 2012

Some of the images of minerals I took at the Natural History Museum. These are the least blurry ones, seeing as the lighting conditions had me unable to set a shutter speed fast enough. I would love to get back there and use my mum's Nikon plus macro lens to get some higher quality photographs, especially seeing as I took these in a rush as the museum was closing in fifteen minutes.

Today I had a university trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a lecture on the Medieval and Renaissance ages and their artefacts, and got a few pictures of some of the beautiful devotional artworks in the galleries. I would have loved to have carried on looking around but unfortunately we had to be back at university for two more hours of lectures on W.H. Auden, so I'll have to take another trip back soon.

I'm currently back at home as I have to have my wisdom teeth yanked out under sedation (fun times) - so in the midst of that, eating mush, reading Othello and writing an essay (possibly on the significance of eating and food in Medieval Middle English texts - bizarre, I know) I may even get some time to take some photographs at home. I'm working on a project to document my house, the only place I've ever lived in in England before university. We're having to sell it and I've decided to extend a series I did as part of my A level to document all of the little bits and pieces that we usually overlook, but make it ours.

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