Saturday 10 March 2012

Photos from my very brief trip back home to have my wisdom teeth extracted! I arrived home late Tuesday night, woke up Wednesday morning for the farrier to take off Eddie's shoes (oh country life) then went to the dental sedation clinic. Two hours later and I was in the recovery room shaking off the sedation, very slowly, remembering and forgetting my experience as the amnesia kicked in. The only part I remember of the actual process is the feeling of my right tooth coming free, and having massive wedges of cotton jammed in my mouth. Luckily I didn't need any stitches and after sleeping for half the day at home I perked up. The next day after a lie-in I went out to the yard again and took my camera with me. Sunny days like that at home being looked after makes me really appreciate the comforts of home for a change!


  1. Some of the colours you capture are just incredible. Superb as ever, Laura xxx

  2. very nice pictures!xxx

    Lau' from hrrp://holidayfromreal-lau.blogspot.com