Wednesday 11 January 2012

Some more of my images from the Tate Modern trip. I was particularly thrilled to see that the Tate had kept a portion of Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds from the Unilever series (which I posted on here) in its own room in one of the galleries. It was probably my favourite of the Unilever series and I regret to this day both not going early enough to walk on the seeds and the fact that I couldn't take one of the seeds. It was such a beautiful piece, every tiny individual seed perfectly made out of porcelain and hand painted.

There was so much cultural and political significance behind the piece, further emphasised by Weiwei's consequent arrest and imprisonment in an unknown location by the Chinese authorities despite never charging him with anything. He remains to this day under house arrest due to his outspoken political beliefs. There is a film on the Tate Modern website which explains the Sunflower Seeds piece in more detail and shows the people who helped make the staggering one hundred million seeds.

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