Sunday 18 December 2011

Long time no post... Just a quick snap. I accidentally left a glass of Ribena in my uni room when I went home from reading week, and this is what I came back to! I wanted to take a picture for my 365 project and they started coming out more like something on the side of the moon or another planet. My flatmate Ainsley was intruigued and so she suggested a cup of Ribena that's going to be left over Christmas... we'll see how that looks!

University is taking its toll on me, I've had freshers' flu for the entire three months I've been there. Whatever they say about first year being easy, it's all lies. I've read four Shakespeare's, three novels, countless epics, criticisms, Middle English, Old English and at least five poems a week, plus more than ten assessments. I'm home for Christmas holidays now, though the work's not stopping because I need to catch up on so much reading I've been missing whilst I've been ill. Maybe I'll even post more than twice a month, who knows?

Hope everyone's having a good Christmas!


  1. so gross but so interesting! xo

  2. Ah, my first year's been alright so far to be honest... though if I actually did the work that was set...

  3. petty gross, but also very intriguing. great pics!!