Friday 25 November 2011

Two of my images were published in the university magazine as part of a photographer interview based on an interview technique used by A Negative Narrative - the interview questions are answered with images rather than words. I'm thinking about doing some interviews myself using this concept... My political article debating the state of the NHS and Lansley's propositions for it was also published a couple of weeks ago.

I was the photographer for the magazine's Christmas fashion shoot on Wednesday which was a great experience - I also had to step in as a model for a group scene which possibly could have ruined the shot, but was probably saved by a small dog owned by the venue running into shot, wriggling all over us and outshining everyone.

First          Tell us a secret.
Second      What confuses you the most?


  1. interesting concept for an interview. you should def do some on your blog!!

  2. Congratulations! Love the first.

  3. Describe trauma.
    In which direction are you headed?

    GOGOGO photogirl GO