PHOTOGRAPHY | Forbidden fruit, hidden eyes

Thursday 28 July 2011

Lovely Lomowalls from one of my favourite analogue photographers on the Lomography site, jeabzz, who has an amazing collection of cameras which make me insanely jealous. These are just the Lomowalls, go take a look at the rest of his photographs.

I've not updated much this week and it's been driving me crazy not documenting the things I find properly! I've been crazy busy working to earn money so I can buy things... mainly shoes. I had my hair properly dyed for the first time in years and the result is that for once I don't look as if a madwoman has attacked me with bleach (the madwoman being myself) so all's good here. My cousins arrive on Monday so I'm hoping I can get myself to the aquarium under the guise of entertaining them. Ever since seeing the short film 'Fish in the Sea' by Alex Bohs, I've been wanting to go and see an octopus like this one, photographed by Rodrigo Odeja on Flickr.


  1. great pics. I will dfe check out hte rest of his stuff. thanks for sharing!

  2. I like the last one the best. Thanks for sharing these!