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Tuesday 17 May 2011

These images are from an an amazing series entitled 'Hope&Fear' by photographer Mr Toledano. The concept behind the photographs is so awesome, visually arresting and stirking, as well as being completely creepy and wierd. Ah well, I like creepy wierd things. Dolls' legs, prosthetic hands, baby heads, ears, and guns make up entirely real costumes for the models to wear. I needs to make me a doll-arm dress! This series is among a pretty diverse mix on his website, ranging from photographs of people working in the phone-sex industry (who had some interesting stories to tell) to time spent with his ageing father after his mother's death, which has a shock value different to that of his other shoots. I'll probably post some of those images tomorrow. Discovered thanks to a very cool blog, Hop on the Spiral Bitch, where there's lots of good stuff and a lot less rambling text...

In other news I have decided I want to acquire and learn to play a Theremin/Aetherphone/Termenvox AKA the coolest instrument in the world, as I saw when I went to an Ulver gig last year. At around £400 for a low-grade starter one, I think I might have to wait for a bit, or until a benevolent magical music fairy comes along and just gives me one.

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