FILM | Melancholia

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Some inspiration drawn from John Millais' depiction of Hamlet's 'Ophelia', perhaps? 

[This is the first scheduled post I've tried, as I will be (hopefully) be working away on my final major project... We'll see if this works.]
I generally try not to do two similar posts in a row, however I'm going to make an exception. This will be less wordy though, after the mammoth post on Antichrist. I just remembered Lars Von Trier's new film, 'Melancholia'. He describes it as 'a beautiful movie about the end of the world' - more information is available on the website, which is pretty odd/special itself (make sure you zoom out, and scroll up and down relatively quickly - the images move around and get closer together as you scroll. The moon image at the very bottom is cool too.) Looking at the downloadable images, and some of the stills I took from the trailer, I can't see how this film could be any less visually amazing as Antichrist. I can't wait to see this when it comes out.

EDIT: Kirsten Dunst won 'Best Actress' for her role in Melancholia at Cannes 2011!


  1. Did you see the really awkward footage from Cannes of Kirsten Dunst trying to stop Lars Von Trier go on a rant about how he "understands where Hitler was coming from"?

    I dunno. I haven't knowingly watched any Lars Von Triers because I kind of question his motives. However beautiful his films are.

  2. love these images!