PHOTOGRAPHY | Lomofavourites #4

Thursday 26 May 2011

Photos taken by minililimi from the Russian Federation on Lomography. I've taken the 'Lomowalls' rather than the original images, I couldn't resist them! I love the effect the Lomowalls have, and once I've developed more of my analogue photography I'd like to try them out. Minililimi has such an amazing variety of shots, and what seems like a never ending supply of cameras and film - photographs range from high contrast colour-splash multi exposures, to dreamy black and white portraits, to gentle redscale landscapes. With an impressive 1,973 photos to scroll through, I'd definitely reccommend giving the whole profile a look.

Speaking/writing of developing m photographs - I'm hoping they won't end up like my Glastonbury shots, where my long exposure setting got knocked on yin the crowd and I didn't notice for the whole weekend. This sounds like rubbish cameramanning (womanning?) but I was preoccupied with a ridiculous sunburn, being robbed of all my money (and my toilet roll! Bastards) and weaving my way round the tents to satisfy very different music tastes! Music festivals have a great atmosphere and are such a great photo opportunity; I'd love to go to Glastonbury, Latitude or Reading simply to photograph it, especially if I had a photo press pass! I'm thinking about applying for one this year, though seeing as I don't work for a publication I know this is near impossible. I've taken photographs at live gigs I've been to, but being part of the crowd tends to ruin the best shots. My dream photography job would be to photograph a band on tour and behind the scenes. I saw an article in the Times about the photographer for the Sex Pistols - it looks like a crazy life, but so much fun. Any job offers, let me know...

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  1. good luck with the job hunt!!! you're right, this would be an amazing job to have!