Sunday 6 March 2011

Who wouldn't want to take photographs like these? This camera (the Lomography Spinner 360°) is top on my list of things I want more than a fully functioning Wallace and Gromit breakfast machine. And I want one of those, bad. If you want to take hundreds of shots until you get it just right, go digital. But if you like surprises, waiting for film to be developed, the smell of a darkroom or the thrill of having to trust your instincts to get it right first time... go analogue. Some of my favourite shots were taken on a cheap one-use underwater camera (though processing is getting more costly). When everything's too clear and focused I tend to look only at the weak points of the image, rather than what matters; the moment captured, the memories that I love so much.

Check out Lomography for the camera that was used to take these images, other awesome cameras and bundle offers that I would probably give my kidney for.

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