Future Shorts: Luis & Lucia

Monday 7 March 2011

I found these two short films from Future Shorts on my art school's website, and fell in love. It is quite alarming to think of the work that goes into this kind of production; each of these films are over four minutes long, and flow incredibly well - especially as each tiny movement means the scene has to be rubbed out and completely re-drawn, for every frame. I continued working on the rotoscope today (which will hopefully be uploaded once it's finished), and to provide perspective: my 23-second clip of film which I am using to animate has generated 138 images for me to draw. This is time consuming even when I am drawing the frames at a couple of inches wide. Imagine the work involved when a whole room comes into play! However, the effect is stunning. I also loved how the two films each tell the same story, from different perspectives, but they are not placed together; even on the Futureshorts youtube channel, they are not linked and do not appear together in the playlists etc. I find it interesting that they chose not to make them linked, as it was only by chance I found Lucia, having watched Luis days earlier. All in all, great shorts, and definitely an inspiration for my rotoscoping and animating to come. Make sure to turn up the sound to get the full effect...

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