Visiting Deal, Kent

Tuesday 7 February 2017

January was mainly a total whirlwind. With my museum contracts finishing just before Christmas, I've spent most of my days working on Master's degree related things - essays, new courses, dissertation ideas - and planning for the next stage. After one of my latest deadlines, we decided to use our Saturday to explore some of the Kentish coastline and headed over to Deal. We took the dog for a very cold walk along the beach; she's still not quite got a handle on the sea, so she got a bit of a shock from a large wave! Beautiful Middle Street makes up Deal's Old Town, and we spent a good hour wandering from pastel house to pastel house, talking about which of them we'd buy if we magically got hold of a few hundred grand. I fell in love with some little cottages on a side street and all the nautical-themed door knockers. A trip to the High Street provided us some local apple and rhubarb juice for the drive home, and then when we got too cold we headed to the dog-friendly Royal Hotel for pies and sandwiches (and a sausage for Angel). The weather held up perfectly all day, treating us to clear skies and a lovely sunset to watch from the pier along with the fishermen. This year I'm hoping to make more time for little trips out like this!


  1. Ah I haven't made it to Deal yet but will add it to my summer list. Looks like my sort of place!
    A Story of a Girl

    1. It's so beautiful and quaint! We didn't stop in any of the shops because of the dog, but there's so much going on. It'd be perfect in summer, for sure!