Foggy Southend-on-sea

Saturday 24 December 2016

We have a new addition to the household. Angel is an eight year old staffy mix (as are most of the dogs languishing in shelters in the UK). We fell in love at the first paw she offered and so far her name is suiting her down to the ground; aside from the slight tendency towards trying to steal from unwatched plates on tables... but I suffer from the same habit, so who am I to judge? After a couple of weeks settling in, our first proper 'outing' was to the beach at Southend-on-sea, where we saw exactly zero sea apart from the waves lapping at our feet, which Angel was trying (and failing) to catch. A few cold hours, many missed waves, and two shared sandwiches at the beachfront cafe later, we were all ready for the warmth of the car and a nap on the way home.

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