Cambridge in Autumn

Friday 9 December 2016

It's been a while since I last posted about Cambridge, when my family went to visit Queen's College, where my cousin had an offer to study Medicine. Nearly two years later, we were back again to visit my cousin, who's now a second-year medic! This time we'd booked a family room in the local YHA hostel, and we had a full day to explore rather than a few hours. Unfortunately between the wandering and the fifteen pit stops for tea daily, I didn't manage to get myself into any museums, but the weather was kind to us and it was great to catch up with family. The upside to having a Cambridge resident with you when punting is the fact that they'll generally be somewhat able to steer the punt; we managed to avoid being stranded like ninety percent of the other tourists, and so we actually got quite a lot of water-based sightseeing done. 

I'm still totally amazed by how grand the university buildings are, especially the dining halls and chapels! It's hard to imagine having access to spaces like that as a student (or in general, to be honest). Alongside punting, we also fitted in visits to Cambridge favourite Fitzbillies for Chelsea buns, as well as a good nose around lifestyle shop Homestuff with History, where I picked up some lovely antique stoneware bottles for a very reasonable price. Until next time, Cambridge.

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