yellowbluepink at the Wellcome Collection

Sunday 10 January 2016

By now, everyone will know about yellowbluepink, Ann Veronica Janssens' installation of coloured mist at the Wellcome Collection - probably just because of all the instagram posts. The installation formed the first part of the States of Mind exhibition programme, examining perspectives on the conscious experience. It closed on Sunday, and when I checked, the waiting times were creeping past the three hour mark as everybody rushed to grab their last chance for a selfie. Ainsley and I ventured out in November last year, before people had really cottoned onto the photo op, so had only a ten minute queue to deal with, and an unhurried wander through the fog. I was unsure of just how thick the mist would be, but was quite excited by the fact you have to enter through a little room quite like the air lock room that astronauts go through when coming into a space ship from the planet outside. Admittedly, it's probably (definitely) a lot less technical than in space, but it does ramp up the excitement factor. I lost my scepticism as soon as we walked in, and I lost and rediscovered Ainsley within the space of about three feet. It's actually quite astounding how well the colours blend into each other in the air in front of you, and how extremely disorientating the effect is. Plenty of feeling along - and unexpectedly meeting - the walls! We had a great time, but my camera was not feeling the atmosphere whatsoever. I was pretty pleased with the couple of photographs I managed to manually focus; they'll be added to the ever-growing 'Ainsley doing cultural things' album.


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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I would have loved to pop along to this.

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