An abandoned farmhouse, East Iceland

Friday 10 July 2015

We weren't expecting much in the way of urban exploration whilst we were in Iceland (after all, it's not exactly an urban place, with a population density of 3 people per square kilometre - compared to the UK's 267). You can drive for miles without seeing a house, especially in the northern area of the country. There are, however, a fair amount of abandoned homes on the island once you leave the more densely populated areas and get into the wilder country - the weather here is pretty unforgiving, particularly on the coast and in the mountains. We stumbled across this house on day seven of driving, on the east coast past the Vatnajokull glacier. Just behind the house was the incredible BĂșlandstindur, which is so uniform it looks almost man made. I wanted to grab some film of the view, and as we weren't in a hurry we had a little look inside the window, expecting the place to be stripped bare. However, we found the inside full of crockery and furniture, well used pots still on the stove and even a large locked chest! It had clearly been abandoned for a long time, since the fifties or sixties by the looks of the items inside. Upstairs in the gloom we even found traditional Icelandic beds, quite like these ones at Glaumbaer historic farm. The farmhouse would definitely be a beautiful place to live, perched on a hillside of grasses in front of a huge mountain, with views across the bay - but with fairly thin walls clad in corrugated iron, I can't imagine the place was too warm in the winter!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. Bet that house was a joy to explore. I bloody love iceland xx