Cereal Magazine goes to Yukon, Canada

Monday 5 January 2015

Whilst I was on a brief trip to my hometown to wave goodbye to my good friend Ashley (who's off to Whistler for three months), I picked up Volume 8 of Cereal Magazine, and immediately fell in love with Kate Holstein's photographs of Kluane National Park in Yukon, Canada. The aerial shots are absolutely stunning - I particularly loved the graphic, nearly black and white abstracts of the icy landscape that looked like close ups of marble. Yukon has such an amazing variety of landscape and wildlife: from the snow-covered mountains shot by Holstein, to the forests by the Dempster Highway explored later in the issue by Rich Stapleton and Elizabeth Schwyzer. Having visited Iceland last October and so very nearly made it into the Arctic Circle - but not quite! - I'm determined to visit somewhere inside it. Yukon looks like a pretty amazing bet, especially if I get myself one of those little planes that the team from Cereal...

All images by Kate Holstein for Cereal Magazine

On Cereal's website, there's also a beautiful film captured by the magazine's videographer James Stapleton, also featuring Kluane National Park, as well as the Dempster Highway and Emerald Lake.