Cardboard Cities, artwork by Laura Redburn

Saturday 1 March 2014

(Excuse the poor lighting in my flat. Nothing annoys me more than the lighting never being quite right on both sides.) A little while ago on Twitter, someone - who I've forgotten, unfortunately! - tweeted about Laura Redburn's 'Cardboard Cities'. I clicked on the link, and within about five minutes these two prints were on their way to me! I'm a huge fan of collage, especially when it's as well done as this. I did a little bit of collage back in my Foundation and found it nearly impossible to collect material which I could use, or at least see potential in, so I admire Laura's use of varied source material to create pieces so well thought out. My order even came with a little donut sticker, too (which I'm still deciding where to put). Her little online shop sells everything you could think of, from necklaces and nail decals to stickers and prints. I'm hoping a couple of her other works will be up on the shop to buy as prints soon, too!

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