Tree houses & cabins

Monday 12 August 2013

I have a thing for treehouses and cabins. It started with a project my grandfather made for us as children, a tree down the back of my grandparents' idyllic house with a scaffolding platform, in a dip in the earth I was convinced was a 'magic place'. We had a tree out in the woods too, a holly tree which had branches that formed a kind of draping curtain around the inside space, which my grandfather rolled huge logs into to make us tables and chairs. I miss that place a lot. Half Cut Tea's film of Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz's 'window cabin' was featured on Colossal recently and I just fell in love. It's great to think that a 'new build' has so much old character put into it, and with every window coming from a different place they travelled together, the cabin has its history intertwined with their own. I'm hoping to pick up Taschen's 'Tree Houses' book soon, to get my own ideas for when I inevitably win the lottery and can pack up everything I own, find a wood with a beach nearby and build my own treehouse.
(image by laaraii on Lomography, taken with a Lomo Smena 8 and expired Kodak film)

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