Hope Gangloff's red & blue paintings

Sunday 9 June 2013

A few paintings by one of my new favourite artists, Hope Gangloff. Her paintings have such an original edge to them, something that's hard to pin down - the slightly-unfinished-yet-finished, half-painterly, half-realistic feel to them just appeal to me (and cause me to overuse hyphens dreadfully in an attempt to word my impression of them). Something about the perspective reminds me of Klimt's paintings, sometimes three dimensional and sometimes turned flat. Whatever it is about them, they're a nice visual break from words for me. I finally finished my second year of university and I'm taking a break from 'academia' for a while, having made myself thoroughly fed up with reading. Hopefully a break will help me get back into the swing of reading again before my dissertation research starts.


  1. Good luck with your studies! Great painting picks! X

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