Wednesday 14 November 2012

These are my favourite images I shot a couple of weeks back whilst taking pictures for a fahion feature in my university magazine, CUB. I'm co-picture editor there, and I'm so pleased with how the new team has made the magazine look; it's great having a design team who are really talented and imaginative (and put in the hours to make it happen, cheers guys!) This is Tom, a Law student at my university, and the first in a mini-series of features on students with great personal style at my university which I'm doing with my friend Daisy. These images aren't the final layout - I couldn't choose which ones to post. The final images also weren't printed in black and white, which I preferred due to the difficult lighting in student houses (I'm still not happy about the lighting in these), but never mind - colour budget means colour print! It was interesting shooting a more fashion-based project seeing as I usually focus on things that won't take direction (or just stay still). I'm hoping next time I'll get a bit more time and a much brighter room!

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