Sunday 23 September 2012

Yesterday in South Kensington after my fourth trip to the Victoria and Albert museum in a week, I stopped by the florist's stall outside the station. I love buying flowers, but usually it's a luxury I don't allow myself. Yesterday though, I bought myself some bright purple dahlias (though not at the price in that link!) to brighten up my room in the house I'm living in this year at university. If not for money I would have bought more - there was a rose with red petals inside and white on the outside which I particularly liked, as well as the pretty crinkly roses in the last picture. I also made a stop off at Muriel's Kitchen for some food: fresh orange juice, chicken escalopes with sour cream sauce, and a salad of British tomatoes with olives and basil (which I could have eaten a bucket of). It's fairly expensive in terms of a university budget - and I absolutely hate the cartoon character of the restaurant - but very tasty. I also saw the 'Prism' installation by Keiichi Matsuda (whose film 'Cell' I featured in my last post), which was just as wonderful as I expected it to be, and it'll be on here in a couple of days!

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