Saturday 8 September 2012

Fashion films from Quentin Jones, whose self-portrait for 125 Magazine featured in Elle's September issue. I love her hand-made collaged aesthetic, even if it is a little 'girly' in some places to fit with my usual preferences, I find her work clever and I'm thrilled to see more and more interesting fashion films emerging than ever. Her film for Victoria Beckham's label (third from top) was one I found particularly interesting considering Victoria's famous apparent lack of sense of humour (the media absolutely loved the pictures of her not smiling with the rest of the Spice Girls at the Olympic Closing Ceremony) but here it seems like Jones has emphasized the 'fun' element of the collection. Personally I love the classic designs in Victoria's collections, and I don't see why there's an obsession with how much she smiles or whether she 'may or may not have a sense of humour'. Jones' style reminds me a lot of another artist I posted about a while ago, Christos Kourtoglou, whose work has a slightly more refined, sinister edge but uses similar techniques.

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