Tuesday 28 August 2012

Today is my first day as a twenty-something! I've had a very relaxing day; a late wakeup, presents (a lot of chocolate, vodka, books and the beginnings of my camera upgrade fund), lunch in the garden, the keys to our new house, and a quick sit down now before I go out to dinner with my dad, and to my best friend Ashley's house for an evening with friends. Ashley (the girl behind Wise Rabbit Says) kindly offered to have my little evening at her house, seeing as our new house has building work to be done, no running water and no furniture! 
In the mean time, I came across this little gem on Vimeo and it's been feeding into my longing for the sea. A friend of mine recently had her first time surfing, and it made me so jealous of her time in Cornwall! I can't wait to book back into a little shed by the sea next year and spend all day in the water on a board.

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