Heatherwick Studios exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum

Wednesday 6 June 2012

A Heatherwick Studios Christmas 'card' - this one is postage stamps stuck together into a Christmas tree | experimental maquette for a project | experiment with form | an example of the seeds preserved in the perspex rods of the Seed Cathedral

Becoming part of CreateVoice this year was definitely one of the most fun and interesting things that I've done this year in London. Earlier in May, Novuyo and I attended the press viewing of the new Heatherwick Studios exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 'Designing the Extraordinary'. Wandering around the exhibition alongside journalists and even some film crews was very exciting, and the exhibition was just amazing. Novuyo and I are writing an article for CreateVoice about the studios and the exhibition, which I'll post as soon as it's done. In the meantime, I'd absolutely reccommend going down there - especially to see the new design for the London buses, which are already being introduced into the city!

The exhibition was stuffed full of huge beautiful photographs of final outcomes from the projects, maquettes and experiments with form used during the design process. There was an emphasis particularly on the whole production process, which gave a sort of 'behind the scenes' feel to the gallery. One of the things I particularly liked about the organisation of it was that there are recordings of Heatherwick himself talking about the projects, explaining them in further detail than the small labels are able to do. I'm going to go down on a non-busy day so I can have proper look around and a listen to all of the recordings.

My favourite project of theirs is the Seed Cathedral from the Shanghai Expo 2010. It uses inspiration from Kew Gardens and also the Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place, which is near to me when I'm at home. Once I'm back from university I'm planning to do a full post on it simply because I feel it deserves its own space on the blog. You can see more of Heatherwick Studios' work on their website.

Another Christmas 'card' from the studios, again focusing on the postage stamp used to send the message | an expandable mechanical bowl, stretching from circular to a large oblong | a small model of the Seed Cathedral | a maquette of the 'Cloud Bridge' | working with cut-out wood and male-female objects | the famous extruded aluminium chair, using technology usually reserved for the aerospace industry

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