Saturday 2 June 2012

Possibly my grandfather being bathed in the garden | my great-grandfather, who worked the Selfridges meat van back when it was still horse-drawn | harvesting and threshing the old fashioned way | baby and cat in the garden | ruins in Dorset | possibly my grandfather and great-grandmother | the family getaway in Dorset

After my success with the old glass plate negatives (which I posted about here) I was desperate to give some more a go, just to re-experience the amazing feeling of seeing the 'real' image from the negatives (if only I could get in a dark room to do it properly). My mum surprised me on the train back to London with a huge pile of old nitrate negatives. I played around with them, photographed & edited the 80+ images, and sent them all back for the rest of the family to look over. These are a few of my favourites, which I'll be adding to my 'Family History' project. I'm hoping to buy some more glass plates from stalls at vintage markets, I want to backlight them somehow for decoration once I've processed them.

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