Michael Please, 'The Eagleman Stag'

Friday 25 May 2012

(Re-)introducing... The Eagleman Stag, by Michael Please. One of my favourite short animated films, it's now available to watch in full online! (see video below). I posted about this animation (fairly lengthily, too) nearly exactly a year ago, a couple of months into this blog, and my excitement for it definitely hasn't waned since. Luckily I followed Michael on twitter, and so when he announced it was fully online I watched it straight away. I definitely wasn't disappointed! The film is bizarre, interesting and outstandingly beautiful and I'm thrilled to have found it. It looks like the rest of the world was pretty pleased too!

I'm desperately hoping all the funds are raised for his next project, I can't wait to see it. And here's the film:

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  1. oh, this is so weird that you just posted about this! i watched it last night and was totally amazed by it, it's incredible!! have you seen the making of too? what an amazing guy! x