Sunday 20 May 2012

During my latest trip to the V&A for a CreateVoice meeting, I had a little explore of the 'New Acquisitions' gallery. Some of the exhibits there are beautiful, but Steffen Dam's jars were so perfect I was glued to the cabinet taking pictures for a while. Anyone who knows me well knows of my obsession with collections, curiosities and things in jars (I've posted before on Barton Lidice Benes' collections in the 'Curiosa' book, the Hunterian Museum, and the Zoology department of the Natural History Museum) and my overwhelming desire to one day own a collection of weird things like this. So you can understand why I found these so fascinating! However, they're not actually real specimens of animals, but instead imaginary creatures completely handmade from glass, foil and carbon through a series of 'controlled techniques and planned accidents'.

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