Wednesday 18 April 2012

Major disaster for my latest film exploit. Somehow, three films from three different cameras all got ruined - pretty disappointing. My Diana mini film developed with the very beginning shots and the very end shots showing, but about 30 in the middle missing where the film stopped advancing. The developers at Boots also couldn't get the machine to line up the square format, so they gave me the negatives and I'm going to see how I can get them developed. The first roll of film ever shot on my Lomography Supersampler came out half fully exposed and the other half completely unexposed (no idea) and the first roll of film on my Yashica FX-3 came out completely bizarrely - it had to be cut out of my camera as it had snagged, which most likely resulted in the images being ruined, and there's a possibility of the camera being faulty, as it's second hand. The perils of film photography!

I've got a few more films, and seeing as I didn't have to pay for prints this time, it's basically like I've saved money (right?) I'm gonna shoot a couple more rolls on these cameras and see if it's something faulty in them or just those films/accidents. I'm currently at home recovering from a nasty bout of shingles (hello diseases of a nineteen year old with a sixty year old immune system) but I'm back to university next week for the horrors of exams and many, many essays which I should have been working on whilst ill. Hooray for being a sort-of adult...


  1. well, I quite like these accidents :)

  2. Well you've certainly done an excellent job in making the best of these!

    I'm back this weekend, for a couple of revision sessions and a load of exams which end early-mid June. First, though, three essays in for monday and tuesday, one of which I have started (and only vaguely). Siiiiiiiigh xx