Tuesday 20 March 2012

Effigy of Don Garcia de Osorio | illuminated manuscripts | ornate Church items | illustrations | Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook, part of the Codex
All from the Medieval & Renaissance Galleries at the V&A London

Photos from my trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of my undergraduate English course. We had a lecture from the lovely Glyn Davies about putting together the Medieval & Renaissance galleries, which went on display to the public in 2009 after seven years of planning and £30 million of investment.

Unfortunately my trip to the gallery was on a very short timescale; after the lecture finished at eleven we only had about an hour to get round before heading back to campus for the rest of the day's lectures. I absolutely hate being rushed round a museum! This meant that my photos were mainly for assignment purposes rather than purely photographic ones, and I wish I'd got round some of the other galleries too. I also didn't have any money on me to buy postcards from the giftshop - I'm a postcard collecting fiend, from back in the foundation-sketchbook days. Oh well, guess it just means I can justify another trip back!

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