Monday 27 February 2012

"ROSA is an epic sci-fi short film that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all natural life has disappeared. From the destruction awakes Rosa, a cyborg deployed from the Kernel project, mankind’s last attempt to restore the earth’s ecosystem. Rosa will soon learn that she is not the only entity that has awakened and must fight for her survival." 
Long time no post. I've got a few in the pipeline so hopefully I'll get my act together at some point. I found this bookmarked from a while ago, and remembered how much I loved it. I'm not usually a huge fan of sci-fi (unless it's very well done, and even then I'm not exactly well-versed in it). The animation is so beautiful. Its creator, comic artist Jesus Orellana, created it in one year with no budget. I can't find much about Orellana apart from his deviantART profile, which has some lovely comic strips and the great poster for Rosa as well.

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