Monday 26 December 2011

And so Christmas is over for another year. It's been a massively strange Christmas for me, a lot of firsts in quite a negative sense, but I'm taking some positives from it too. For all the difficulties, it was a lovely Christmas. I got an electric whisk, so I'm set to bake more cakes at university. I also got some money (more shoes here I come) and the most beautiful vintage leather remodelled into a jewellery case from my dad.

My brother made the entire Christmas dinner this year, and for only sixteen he did pretty well - handmade everything, from the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce to diced celeriac. He also got a beautiful set of rosewood handle chef's knives, seeing as he's considering going into it as a profession now.

Having animals means that basically the routine is the same though, so again we were off to walk the dogs, feed the guinea pigs, check the horses, etc. Funnily enough I've missed being outside, trudging around in the mud. However I'm eager to get back to London and all my friends, and at least try to get on board with some of the work before term starts. Tomorrow I leave for Yorkshire to visit my cousins for a few days before going back to uni a week early. I'm looking forward to a fresh new year after all that's happened in this one.

Also in terms of documenting my year, my 365 project is still up and running, and completely up to date! It's nearly exactly six months since I began, and it's going to show the changes in my life far more than I ever thought it would do - to me anyway, most of the pictures are quite abstract/vague! You might get the gist if you look through them though.

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas if you celebrate, and if you don't, a lovely day regardless!

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