Saturday 15 October 2011

I've been playing around with DIY filters as you can see... I had the idea a while ago and tonight I decided to actually just do it. There's a handy tree outside my room which is very prettily decorated with blue fairy lights, which is ideal for practising abstract bokeh at nighttime when I'm bored with my camera.

The process is incredibly simple: trace the circumference of your camera lens onto thick paper, add a shape in the middle and cut it out. Make sure it fits inside the the lip of the lens, put a tiny bit of sticky tape to hold it in place, make sure your camera is on manual focus, and shoot a source of light with many points. You'll easily end up with images like these and better (this was my first attempt, on a whim, at two in the morning), sort of like sequins or confetti but in light form.

I'm desperate to get out and about in London (ideal place would be the London Eye) and get some different coloured lights going on, or with simple white fairy lights. The Christmas lights in Oxford Street would make a great picture too! I'm also going to try cutting a very intricate pattern into the paper filter and using a single point of light to see if I can make some images reminiscent of shadows at some point. I'd also like to experiment with cutting tiny words in with my stanley knife and watching my own little 'neon' pattern develop with each point of light.


  1. I'd love more DIY camera stuff! Already made filters are £££. Can't wait to see the backpacks! x hivenn

  2. wow, these are beautiful! you, genius, you! looking forward to the backpacks, they sound amazing.

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock.