Thursday 18 August 2011

At the moment I'm a little bit in love with underwater photography. I nearly always end up favouriting these sorts of photographs on Lomography and Flickr (I even did a full post on Lomo user underwaterdreams here , though my photos don't quite compare!). I arrived in Portugal yesterday after a mad couple of days preparing and a dash to London to get an emergency passport about twelve hours before I left, and when I arrived my boyfriend presented me with my early birthday present, the Vivicam 8400 underwater camera. I've been dying to get an underwater digital camera, or housing for my SLR, but it's incredibly expensive! This is admittedly not the height of technology but brilliant for mucking around with on holiday and taking pretty pictures. I've yet to experiment much with it but the first image is from the pool today.

The second picture is from my long-awaited trip to an aquarium whilst in cornwall. My camera had a little bit of a fit over my shaky hands paired with the low lighting and fast moving fish, so I didn't get the most exciting set of photographs apart from some fairly decent shots of baby jellyfish. Despite this, as well as being the oldest non-parent in there by about fifteen or so years and dodging buggies at every stop, the aquarium fulfilled my slightly childish craving of late.

Hope everyone is having a good summer wherever you are!


  1. these are great. I want an underwater camero, too. one day.... ;)