James Roper's pencil illustrations

Tuesday 5 July 2011

James Roper's incredible pencil drawings. Far better than any drawings I could offer, I just wish I could draw this kind of thing from my head. I have so many great ideas but zero talent to actually make them happen... These look like cars twisted out of shape in a collision, but if your look closely at some of the other images in the series, the metal actually twists into human forms. I really could do with prints of some of these to stick on my wall. In other news, I made my first paper crane today. I think I'm mildly challenged in paper folding, and made it much more difficult than I needed to. However, it looks cool! And now begins the folding.

Oh and I've started the 365 project (a little late to the party I know) seeing as I wanted to make fit neatly within the year I wanted to start it exactly half way through the year (July 2nd apparently) so once I've uploaded the last three days, the link will be up. It will probably be the most mundane selection of images you could ask for!

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