ORIGINAL | Rescue me

Saturday 2 July 2011

More of my photography I'm afraid... I took this series in Cornwall on the beach where I learnt to surf. I managed a good week of surfing but not without injury - I spent the last four days with my eyes nearly swollen shut after a run-in with the devil in the guise of a small boy with a pointy surfboard. He cut me up, I bailed to stop myself mowing down others, and the wave swept my board over the top of me and smashed me in the face. When I got up, a guy on the shore was beckoning to me, who I ignored initially (stranger danger and all that) however I realised that he was trying to get me to come onshore because I had blood all over my face where I'd split my eyebrow. What a great look to face the attractive surf instructor with. Good fun though!

Unfortunately the guy this helicopter came for wasn't as lucky. Rumour was he had a broken leg or back. Morbidly I loved photographing this, mainly for people's reactions. Some people stopped to take pictures, some children just stood transfixed, some rushed to get a closer look. However my favourite was a couple, one with an arm around the other, watching the scene. Something about them made me feel that they were thinking about how lucky they were.


  1. great photos. and the last one is the most intriguing. more???