Marie Chouinard's 'Body Remix

Thursday 7 July 2011

Possibly one of the weirdest videos I've watched, ever, but so beautiful too. Marie Chouinard presents ballet taken to the extreme, using every part of the body in unusual and creative ways. The noises are a little odd, yes. But the actual dance (I use the word loosely) is pretty breathtaking, especially when you consider the amount of strength required to execute some of the positions in conventional ballet, and compare it to the zimmer-frame/harness/extra leg prop dance shown here. There was a lot of controversy about this, lots of debate about what constitutes 'art' and 'dance' and a big shock horror over the whole naked dancers thing. I think I like it, even if I sometimes wish it was just the piano and a little less screeching. (Sorry for the poor quality screen shots on images two through five, it's a shame but such is life.) One video of it is below:

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  1. wow, very impressive. thanks for sharing! I would love to see this life somewhere!