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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Blogger CSS/HMTL is still messing me about. I took a break from drawing outlines around some of the two thousand symbols I'm drawing (still!) but thanks to help from a friend from college I've been making much faster progress. Just as well really seeing as I'm supposed to be hanging my show this week... These are some of my older Fisheye 2 film photographs. I've been waiting for about six months to develop the latest roll of film, and I'm ashamed to say that's only my third roll! However film development is an expensive business if you don't have a darkroom, and I felt Boots had already robbed me of enough money from getting my portfolio shots enlarged. From the top: icicles outside my house (the whole of the side of my house is covered in this plant, the entire thing remained frozen like this for about a month); the infamous Glastonbury flags from last year's sunstroke-filled festival week; a beautiful beach in Majorca; heavy snowfall last winter on the walk to snowboarding. I'm back at college modelling for a friend's fashion project - we already shot the pictures today and I was hoping to post them tonight, but technology conspired to delete all of the photographs before a back-up. Gotta love computers!

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  1. The first is especially amazing. I've only ever seen one icicle in my whole life. x hivenn