PHOTOGRAPHY | Lomofavourites #2

Sunday 1 May 2011

I know I know, two lomography posts in a row. Howevere I absolutely loved these pictures when I saw them, and thought it'd be all right not to have something too different for this post. Taken by underwaterdreams on Lomography, unfortunately this is the only album uploaded by the photographer, which is a real shame seeing how beautiful they are. I love the greeny-blue water rather than the bright, slightly artificial blue of most swimming pools, and the whimsical first image - hands desperately stretching out for a tiny, solitary fragile leaf. I'm desperate to get myself an underwater camera or a waterproof case (there's one for the Fisheye 2 camera that I have, but until I start selling work it's a little out of my league) other than the cheap disposable one I bought in Majorca when on holiday with some friends. It's photos were nice, but they were less legitimate 'photography' and more bloated underwater fish faces...

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  1. these photos are so lovely. i've been wanting to get into lomography for a while yet but still haven't got round to buying a camera for it yet

    Bow Dream Nation xx