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Tuesday 26 April 2011

I can't remember exactly where I found this short film (you can view it larger here, on Vimeo) , but I absolutely loved it! It's quite a long stop-motion (and I can imagine the sheer number of hours this took - if you go on the website for the film, you can see the 'making of'.) At one point the model actually needed pressure pads between his knees to take the pressure off, having spent hours filming in a cramped position). It's such an everyday topic, but works so well in the context of stop-motion because of the lovely way the image completely flows like the journey does (albeit with a few interruptions!)

Tomas Mankovsky is the creator of the film - along with many others listed in the credits - and is also the creator of adverts for well-known companies such as Diesel ('The Duel' for the band Dancing Pigeons), Orange (the beautiful 'Never-ending Rainbow', 'Perspex', and 'Belonging'), Sony ('Foam City' and the fantastic 'Music Pieces') - all are worth a watch, and are lovely creative advertising solutions, especially compared to some of the rubbish that's out there!

Another project of his that I'm going to be monitoring for an outcome is 'You Me Us', a musical project that will consist of two tracks, 'You' and 'Me', which run as individual pieces of music, but when combined fit perfectly together to make a third track, 'Us'. I'm mainly interested to hear what genre of musics the tracks will be made up of, and whether they can be fit perfectly together.

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  1. Wow- incredible! i love stop motion animation- so "wholesome" in a way! xxx