ORIGINAL | Light enough to move

Saturday 2 April 2011

The weather's been so good recently I can't help but hope that we're going to have a long hot summer. I found these photographs I took last year arranged nicely in rainbow order (the obligatory flower shots, how boring...) I can't wait for this to be back. I hadn't looked closely at the last one, but in the centre of the flower, there's a little skull with a long nose; a happy coincidence. In other news, I have been: working on the rotoscope animation (due to be finished on Monday), getting on friendlier terms with my neglected camera and films, researching the development of written language and going to bed much too late. Good week.


  1. Stunning photography!

  2. Wow, these pictures are really stunning! Glad you've had a good wee week gal xx

  3. Gorgeous shots :) Can't wait for better weather!

  4. These are absolutely stunning- it realy makes me want to buy a proper camera! xxx