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Sunday 13 March 2011

On Saturday I went to the MissBanzai tunnel run for Japanese cars, in aid of Lupus UK (more information here). Not my usual kind of hangout, but pretty fun nevertheless. An old friend from school persuaded his brother to buy a Mazda RX7, and so we decided to go along for the ride.

Our (cramped) ride.
My camera had a little bit of an attack on the night (as evidenced by the picture of 'a car' at the top of this post) but I managed to grab a few blurry, grainy, rain-spattered shots with my failing camera - two ants managed to get behind the lens when I was on holiday last year, and the poor thing is slowly giving up on me. The journey was a cramped one to say the least, seeing as all three of us are tall and the leg room is about half that than in an Easyjet plane, and Bobby has to remove the steering wheel to be able to get out. That being said, we had a blast, literally, roaring round the tunnels, and I managed to get a few shots of Tower Bridge (we got lost) and the London Eye (a designated spot). I also managed some accidental long exposures, which is actually surprisingly easy to do in a very bumpy roaring sports car, however getting them to actually look like something is slightly harder.

The rally was such a laugh, even though apparently a few less cars turned up than last year. The cause is such a great one, and hopefully the event raised a good amount of cash for the charity.

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