Hammock, 'The Backward Step'

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Currently obsessing over post-rock and ambient/atmospheric music like Explosions in the Sky, Boards of Canada and Stars of the Lid, but particularly Hammock, a two-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee. Some people say they find this kind of music 'boring' or 'repetitive', but I completely don't understand this attitude. The music might initially sound 'simple', but there are so many parts and layers to listen to that I find it easy to listen to the same song on repeat for a long time, honing in on all the little changes and nuances in the writing of the music. It's perfect for moments when you want to zone out and relax, but at the same time when you want to listen to something intently and analyse it, it can keep you going for hours. (Above and below photographs by Thomas Petillo).

I was on youtube looking for a video to my current favourite song, The Backward Step (from 2010 album Chasing After Shadows... Living with the Ghosts) and found this lovely video made by Blair Neal, or laserpilot. It's a beautiful video, fantastically shot and edited, and it fits perfectly with the music in composition, style and sequencing.

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